'Throwing Shapes'
 Junk Kouture 2017 in St Kilians: Robyn Earls wearing 'Throwing Shapes' that she designed with ...

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Benjo is Top Student
Benjo Meriado was chosen as Best Student in Religious Education at Presentation College and received...

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Spirit of Pres is Alive and Well
The Spirit of Pres week in Presentation College represents the history of the Presentation Brothers....

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Loreto Helps Barnardos
by Andreea Rotaru, Loreto College Bray  Barnardos is a children's charity. They work with vuln...

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Junk Kouture
'Suit Yourself',  an outfit created by students of St.Kilians Community School has reached the ...

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Lourdes Fundraisers
A pancake sale and a hoodie day areamong fund raisers organised by the RE Department of St.Kilians C...

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'Throwing Shapes'
Benjo is Top Student
Spirit of Pres is Alive and Well
Loreto Helps Barnardos
Junk Kouture
Lourdes Fundraisers


Is there room at YOUR Inn?

cribIrish tradition says that the Holy Family still travel throughout the world this night seeking shelter…
Is there room for them at your inn?
at my inn?
Can you see them pass by?
Joseph lost in thought…
Mary tired and heavy with child…
Can you see their eyes looking out at you from the eyes of
the homeless,
the poor,
the excluded,
the refugee,
the immigrant,
the elderly,
the child,
the lonely,
the victim of war,
the abused,
the hungry,
the persecuted,
the one you have already judged,
the one I have already judged…
If you would recognise them
slow down,
let your hands unclench,
simply breathe,
a candle
of welcome
in the
of your soul…
As the old poem put it…
“Often, often, often
goes the Christ
in the stranger’s guise”…

Loreto and Pres present 'Popstars'

Students of Loreto and Presentation College presented the musical 'Popstars' to full houses and standing oivations at the Mermaid Theatre.

Pictured are members of the cast.

For morre pictures please scroll downpopsters1

Jesus and the Baptist

John the Baptist is an important figure in the Gospel tradition. In Luke’s version of the story of their conception and birth, we find he is presented in parallel to Jesus, but always at a lower level: for instance, John is conceived, against all the odds, like significant figures in the Hebrew Bible such as Isaac, Jacob and Samuel, in the natural way: Jesus’ conception, however, does not involve a human father.
Luke sets John and his ministry in the wider setting of human history by mentioning the chief political and religious leaders of the time: the emperor, the governor of the area and the chief priests of the people. In this way, Luke tells us that the birth of Jesus has a meaning for the world beyond the geographical and religious world of the land of Israel.
The Gospel message is for everyone who will accept it.
John the Baptist is in some ways the last of the Old Testament prophets and the first of the New Testament saints. He is an uncomfortable figure, like all of the prophets, but his preaching is intended to bring people to their senses, to help them realise that they
have lost their way in life and to do something about it. The end result should be that his hearers decide to change their attitude and behaviour and to express this resolution publicly by being baptised. In this way, they are reconciled to God: this surely is good
John’s ministry is earlier and similar to that of Jesus. It is also preparing the way for the arrival of the Saviour. His word may be critical and uncomfortable, but its aim is positive. 
 ‘Sunday Message’ is copyright of Redemptorist Communications and reproduced with permission.  For more information on the work of Redemptorist Communications, please visit www.redcoms.org 
is the Gospel reading for this weekend:
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Musical Trio

Steffi (Sinead Paglinawan), Charlie (Julianne San Diego), Tina (Disha Suresh) in the  Loreto and Pres Bray 'Popstars' at the Mermaid Arts Centre) 

'Charlie' sings

Julianne San Diego as 'Charlie' in Loreto and Pres Bray 'Popstars' at the Mermaid Arts Centre.popstars7


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